Growing our Footprint
The Shefa School has reached maximum capacity at our current home. With an extensive waitlist each year and a growing demand for our program, there are simply not enough classrooms for the number of students we could be serving. With a larger facility, we can serve nearly double the students we are currently serving, while still providing individualized instruction, a 3:1 student-to-teacher ratio, and the wide variety of services and supports our students need to flourish and thrive.

Growing our Impact
With this campaign, we will formally establish The Shefa Center—a hub for professional development, consultation, partnership, and training—designed to empower and equip Jewish educators and catalyze change in Jewish day schools. The Shefa Center will not only function as a “lab school,” but also as a training ground for Jewish special educators, who can serve our own school and others, creating a much-needed talent pipeline. With The Shefa Center permanently ensconced in its own dedicated space in our new building, we envision expanding our current programming to serve more educators and administrators, offering more opportunities for convenings, and adding a resource library. We will also utilize technology to share our programming more broadly.

With The Shefa Center as a resource, many more children will blossom and thrive in mainstream Jewish day schools. As schools expand their capacity to support diverse learners, student success and retention will increase. The Shefa Center stands to make a significant impact on the field by training hundreds of teachers, who will impact thousands of students with learning disabilities enabling them to grow and flourish in their local mainstream Jewish day schools.

Growing our Endowment
As we grow, we must act as fiscally responsible stewards of our one-of-a-kind school to ensure its long-term solvency. 10% of the monies raised through the capital campaign will be earmarked for a new endowment fund for Shefa, ensuring that this most precious resource is available to Jewish children for generations to come. The Shefa School is a project of the Jewish community. What benefits our students also benefits their families, their communities, and all Jews. Simply put, supporting Shefa is an investment in the future health and prosperity of the Jewish people.

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